Vacation Notice

Any and all order placed after July 20th will not be processed until my return August 1st, 2018.

Online orders requiring shipping: Orders received by July 20th, will be shipped the next day* (July 21st). Any orders that are placed after July 20th, will not be shipped or processed until August 1st.

Online orders placed for Pick-Up: Orders for pick up received by July 20thMUST schedule for pick-up July 21st or July 22nd. If accommodations cannot be made for that weekend, you will have to schedule to pick up your order upon my return August 1st. (* I will not be in the province to schedule pick-ups during the following week*)

Custom Orders/E-mail Access: I will do my best to respond to e-mails while I am away, however I will have limited access.

Custom orders- Please note the time frame required* These will not get started until after August 1st. All custom orders require a minimum of 1-2 weeks notice (3-4 weeks if wanting cold-processed soaps). 

Common Questions regarding custom orders:

What are your prices? Price list is provided on the website under the Custom Order Information tab at

Do you ship custom orders? Yes, within Canada only* Price for shipping depends on weight of product and location of shipping* A quote can be provided after form submission*

Can I show you a picture of what I am looking for? Yes, you can submit a picture to and based on the design, materials, quantity, and time required, a seperate quote will be submitted back to you. *A form is also required for additional info for your order.​