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Commonly Asked Questions

Are your products safe for kids/ sensitive skin? I have parents using these for their 1-2+ year olds with no issues, and I have several customers with sensitive skin, eczema and psoriasis use them all the time with no reported issues. All products are composed of 95% + natural food grade ingredients and we do our best to rid of any unnecessary ingredients for out products that are known to cause irritation in those who have skin sensitivities. 

Can I use this product during pregnancy? There have been several occasions where this question has been asked. As a small business, I am not allowed to make any claims for liability reasons. I can however inform you that these products are over 95% made with natural food grade ingredients and probably safer to use than anything store bought from a drug store. As far as the pregnancy question, for a question like this, although I am a nurse- I am not a physician and cannot answer "yes" or "no" except for stating the facts above that there are so few ingredients in my products and inform you that there should not be any issues. I always inform expecting mothers to ask their pediatrician this question regarding concerns about any products used during pregnancy. 

What's the 1-5% non-natural part of your product? Because we like to keep things fun over here and offer unique + one of a kind candy and fruit scented / fun colourful products at Blazing Bombs, we source out the best of the best. Essential oils are used in the shower steamer products making them 100% natural, but for everything else like the bath bombs, body butter etc. We use Mica, water-soluble cosmetic grade colourants (will not stain your tub or your skin (less than 0.5% of colour is used) and Bath & Body Skin Safe Fragrance Oil which we use a maximum of 3% in all out products. And, select products may contain a preservative (body scrub, whipped body butter, and whipped soap). All of these 3 ingredients make up less than 5% of the overall formula in all products. THATS IT. We could claim "all natural" due to the small percentage, but we prefer not to make this claim either as some other businesses do and it is misleading.