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Product may cause slippery surfaces: Please keep in mind that the handcrafted products made by Blazing Bombs produce suds and/ or may leave a residue in the area in which they are used. Bath bombs in particular require the tub to be rinsed after each use. It is the customers responsibility to ensure they use these products with caution to avoid risk of falls, rinse their tub and or shower regularly.

Children should be supervised with product: Children under the age of 5 should be supervised. These products are for external use only and should be placed out of reach from children to avoid this from occuring.

Attn Re: Coconut/Tree Nut Allergy: In the Blazing Bombs studio, we use Coconut Oil and other ingredients that contain additives from Coconuts and/or Tree Nuts. It is up to the customer to be aware of their own allergies and/or the allergies of the persons they are purchasing products for. We cannot gaurentee there has not been cross contamination for any product that may have come in contact with Coconut or Tree nuts. All ingredient information is listed on the product labels and thoroughly on the online website. Please refer to a physician for questions regarding allergy concerns.

Red Dye Allergy: We do use cosmetic grade water-soluble dyes/colourants and they are listed on product ingredient information. Please refer to the ingredient list for the specific SCI name. Red dyes and colourants are used.

Peanut Allergy Concerns: In the studio we do not use any peanut oil or peanut specific ingredients. However, we cannot gaurentee that the ingredients we use were stored in a peanut free warehouse/environment. We have never experienced this question or concern but want to be safe for those who may have concerns.

Purchasing an Online Order/Receiving a product where the "scent is unfavorable" or to the customers liking: Unfortunately, given the best possible written descriptions of the scents, it's hard to imagine what written words will smell like. I wish there was a scratch and sniff online, but there simply is no way of doing this. Please note that once a product is opened by the customer (especially during COVID), there is no refunds or returns accepted. Due the nature of each product individually handcrafted in small batches using high quality (and expensive) ingredients, we cannot accommodate exchanges, returns or provide refunds if there is nothing physically wrong with the product and it is solely "scent preference" that is the issue. The best suggestion in this case would be to see if a family/friend would like to take it off your hands and sell it to them or give it away. Will a shipping discount be given/waved in this circumstance should the customer wish to purchase the same item in a different scent? No. Blazing Bombs is a small, home-based business. Every order that leaves the studio is still charged and has to be paid for as this business is not as big as other retailers who qualify for major discounts. Regardless of any order, the shipping fee costs $12. The shipping fees are sometimes more than $12 and comes out of the makers pocket to cover these fees. Shipping costs remain the same as we do not receive discounts, if we did, these costs would already be reduced for you. But also, in this circumstance, the product was made, there is no damage to it and the quality has not changed. No returns, exchanges, refunds, or shipping discounts will be provided in the circumstance where "scent" is the unfavorable situation in this scenario. 

 3/$5 or 15/$20 Bath Bombs Pop-Up/Handmade Market PROMO Sale: This is an exclusive sale set for specific markets and pop-ups (NOT Retail locations). Because the nature of this sale is self-serve, It is the customers responsibility to ensure they are selecting the appropriate amount of bath bombs for the corresponding sale price. Unless the staff feel the need to re-count a bag for the appropriate amount of bath bombs OR is asked by the customer to check the number of bath bombs in their bag, it is not Blazing Bombs' responsibility for ensuring the appropriate amount is purchased for every single customer. If there is a miscount made by the customer, a refund or credit will not be given due to the nature of our self-serve market special and cannot keep track of customers miscounting their loot. *Effective January 1st 2020*.