Product may cause slippery surfaces: Please keep in mind that the handcrafted products made by Blazing Bombs produce suds and/ or may leave a residue in the area in which they are used. Bath bombs in particular require the tub to be rinsed after each use. It is the customers responsibility to ensure they use these products with caution to avoid risk of falls, rinse their tub and or shower regularly.

Children should be supervised with product: Children under the age of 5 should be supervised. These products are for external use only and should be placed out of reach from children to avoid ingestion. 

Attn Re: Coconut/Tree Nut Allergy: In the Blazing Bombs studio, we use Coconut Oil and other ingredients that contain additives from Coconuts and/or Tree Nuts. It is up to the customer to be aware of their own allergies and/or the allergies of the persons they are purchasing products for. We cannot guarantee there has not been cross contamination for any product that may have come in contact with Coconut or Tree nuts. All ingredient information is listed on the product labels and thoroughly on the online website. Please refer to a physician for questions regarding allergy concerns.

Red Dye Allergy: We do use cosmetic grade water-soluble dyes/colourants and they are listed on product ingredient information. Please refer to the ingredient list for the specific SCI name. Red dyes and colourants are used.

Peanut Allergy Concerns: In the studio we do not use any peanut oil or peanut specific ingredients. However, we cannot guarantee that the ingredients we use were stored in a peanut free warehouse/environment. We have never experienced this question or concern but want to be safe for those who may have concerns.

Allergy Concerns/ Reactions: In the extremely rare circumstance (less than 1% of customers who have reported any skin reactions) that you have experienced a reaction to any of our products as directed on our labels: discontinue use if rash or irritation occurs. If you are concerned about using our products, it's always best to test on a small patch of skin first. In the event you have used a product and have developed a rash or reaction, gently rinse the area with plain soap and water to remove any potential irritants to the area and consult a physician on medical advise. Allergies can result in a number of things and although we do our very best to formulate our recipes as raw as we can (95-100% food grade), we still use FDA approved water-soluble dyes and fragrance oils that make up the remainder 0.1-5% for majority of all products that these allergies could be attributed to which are the only "un-natural" ingredients. In addition to this possibility, (specifically bath bombs), if not enough water is added when using a bath bomb, it's possible that the irritant could be that the ingredient citric acid is not diluted enough causing skin irritation. *Eg. Large bath bomb with water level 1/4 full may cause a reaction, whereas if you use a large bath bomb with water level at a "full bath" level then your water will have diluted the contents of the bath bomb much greater than a 1/4 full bath. 

Every product made at Blazing Bombs is registered with Health Canada. Each recipe has been approved before sale and all safety measures are taken within the studio for all processes of manufacturing and packaging.

Vegan / Cruelty Free: The ingredients that go into our products are purchased from manufacturers that do not test on animals. The finished and completed products made by Blazing Bombs has never been and never will be tested on animals. With thorough research in our formulas we have no desire and no reason to support animal cruelty to provide our customers exceptional bath products. With that being said, we also do not use animal by-products with the exception of beeswax which is used only for our lip balms. The beeswax we purchase is from a supplier that did not test their beeswax on animals and holds a cruelty-free statement. 

Ethically Sourced: We research our ingredients so they come from suppliers that confirm are ethically sourcing their ingredients which involve our shea butter, oils, and micas. We love our animals on the planet as much as we love the people who help sustain our environment. 

Abandoned Orders Chosen for Pick-Up: Customers have 30 days to pick up their online orders from the time they recieve a notification from Blazing Bombs or The Makers Hub. In the event an order is left for more than 45 days, there may be an attempt to remind the customer by Blazing Bombs (although not obligated to) it is the customers responsibility to ensure to capture their order through the method in which was chosen at checkout. In the event an order has been left at the pick-up location for 60 days or more, the order will be considered abandoned. There have been instances where Blazing Bombs has reached out to customers to remind them regarding their order at a location, the customers have awknowledged the message and orders have still not been retrieved. As a small business, we do our best to send reminders, but we also cannot keep track of every single customer who has/hasnt picked up their order after email notifications have been sent out.

Orders for pick-up is a "paid service" complimentary from Blazing Bombs, and paid to the facility holding orders. Every 30 days, Blazing Bombs is charged a fee to hold each order that has not been retrieved. Please remember that this is a small business, and we kindly ask that orders be retrieved within the 30 days of your initial email as these services are complimentary to you, but paid out of pocket by the maker.

What happens to my order after 60 days and it has not been picked up? Unfortunately, especially when/if attempts have been made to contact, no refunds will be provided from Blazing Bombs. Our products are made in small batches and contain a shelf life of 6-12 months from purchase. The product that was purchased withdrew inventory made by the maker and prevented the sale of another potential customer who may have been interested. After 60 days or more, the shelf life decreases and goes against the standard of every product sold "has a shelf life of 6-12 months".  At this point, the customer would have one of two options:

  1.  Pay for the expense of a shipping label for the same order to be shipped to their home
  2. After 90 days, the order will be donated to a womens shelter if no communications have been made for an extended pick-up at the customers expense OR no communications made between the customer and Blazing Bombs.

If there is an order at the 90 day mark, an email or text message will be made to the customer, and refusal to respond within 5 business days, the order will be donated on behalf of the customer. 

Please know that products were made fresh to order and by leaving them for an extended period of time, orders can be affected by storage conditions. In the event you pick up your order exceeding 30 days (especially in the summertime), Blazing Bombs is not responsible for this as all items packed in orders meet full expectations and standards and are made fresh. No refunds will be given. 

When the customer chooses "pick-up" as their location prefrence to recieve their order, they are held responsible to familiarize themselves with the policies set in place and or monitor to check if any changes to the policy have been updated or changed. In the event the customer is unaware of the method to recieving their order at checkout, it is indicated on their confirmation email the method selected and/or can reach out directly to blazingbombs@outlook.com. Currently, when customers choose to create an account with the Blazing Bombs website, when an order is fulfilled, the "order status" will always indicate "shipped" whether or not local pick up or shipping has been chosen. This is something that cannot be changed on our end through Shopify. If shipping method was chosen, you would have recieved a seperate email with the tracking information as all orders shipped out will have an insured tracking number associated with their order.

Please understand, when you are shopping Blazing Bombs, you are supporting a small handcrafted business and these policies are set in place with the respect to all customers and business in reasonable fairness. Please also understand, we cannot accomodate several months of "complimentary" storage fees as we also cannot accomodate parcel/order storage from our home where our space is limited.- we do not hold onto orders for more than 90 days for this reason.

Online Order Fulfillement With Incorrect "Shipping Method" Chosen

Unfortunately, mistakes do happen on one end or another, but there are expenses involved once an online order has been fulfilled and directed or dropped off at the location originally selected by the customer at checkout.

If an online order has been placed for Local Pick-Up and your order has been dropped off at the local pick up location, there are fees involved per order which is paid out of pocket by Blazing Bombs. This option is granted complimentaty to customers who wish to use the service, but unfortunately, once an order has been dropped off, the service fees are non-refundable.

If you require your order to be shipped after your order has been fulfilled and dropped off (and you live in Ontario), the posted $9 flat rate shipping fee cannot be granted in this senario and the customer will be required to pay full parcel fee value calculated by Canada Post. The reason why we can't grant this price is because of a few factors. As a small business, we do not recieve big ticket discounts on parcels due to the volume. Although we ship out 100+ orders per month, this number is no where near the amount big corporations dish out so its a constant battle trying to compete with shipping costs. The average shipping cost within Ontario is $12-13.00. When Blazing Bombs is offering $9 "Flat Rate Shipping", Meg is actually paying out of pocket the remaining balance of your shipping fee to make that shipping cost more appealing than other "standard costs". 

As much as I would love to honor the "flat rate shipping fee" in the above senario, it has happened too frequent to consume the costs of a local pick up fee in addition to the remaining balance owing for a shipping fee. 

As I do my absolute best to be fair in all circumstances, please understand that I am only able to accomodate what I can when it comes to offering reduced rates, "free" local pick up services, promo codes, and all discounts involved.  

I appreciate the understanding and support during these unique but often circumstances where order fulfillment is completed and needs to be re-directed through another method and re-packed. 

Purchasing an Online Order/Receiving a product where the "scent is unfavorable" or to the customers liking: Unfortunately, given the best possible written descriptions of the scents, it's hard to imagine what written words will smell like. I wish there was a scratch and sniff online, but there simply is no way of doing this. Please note that once a product is opened by the customer (especially during COVID), there is no refunds or returns accepted. Due the nature of each product individually handcrafted in small batches using high quality (and expensive) ingredients, we cannot accommodate exchanges, returns or provide refunds if there is nothing physically wrong with the product and it is solely "scent preference" that is the issue. The best suggestion in this case would be to see if a family/friend would like to take it off your hands and sell it to them or give it away. Will a shipping discount be given/waved in this circumstance should the customer wish to purchase the same item in a different scent? No. Blazing Bombs is a small, home-based business. Every order that leaves the studio is still charged and has to be paid for as this business is not as big as other retailers who qualify for major discounts. Regardless of any order, the shipping fee is calculated by Canada Posts rates. But also, in this circumstance, the product was made, there is no damage to it and the quality has not changed. No returns, exchanges, refunds, or shipping discounts will be provided in the circumstance where "scent" is the unfavorable situation in this scenario. 

Terms of Use:  For personal use only. Without written consent and contract between Blazing Bombs and seller, for the ability to re-sell or "private label" products manufactured by Blazing Bombs, the seller who takes the risk without written consent is aware that legal action can take place and does so at their own risk. Without written approval, the re-sale and brand tampering of Blazing Bombs products is not approved and considered as brand identity theft.

Claims & Liability: We are legally not allowed to make claims that our products will provide you a medical benefit and cannot provide you with answers to questions that may involve your personal health. You are advised to consult your physician for questions regarding any questions and concerns about our products before using them should you feel this way. All products are created for external use only and are registered (and approved) with the Government of Canada. We do our best to be as informative as possible and provide information and answers based on customer experiences and written reviews.

When you purchase or use a product from Blazing Bombs, you agree to the terms and conditions laid out within this section in which Blazing Bombs is not liable, nor responsible in compensation for any physical property damage; physical injury; physical reactions; physical alterations (ie. hair colour, skin colour); or any aspect of physical harm. Blazing Bombs is not responsible should there be an allergic reaction to a product as all information is indicated on product labels and website. In the event there is any error in print on a product label after sale; Blazing Bombs has the right to make updates to any errors or changes and edit these changes to the website without notice. The customer agrees to these terms and conditions to review and reflect any changes, edits or errors made on the website under the specific product type on the Blazing Bombs website.

When Blazing Bombs uses the terms: Paraben Free; Sulfate Free; and/or Phthalate Free; these terms are used on product packaging as they are not directly added to our formulas in our ingredients list. These terms are not used to make a claim, these terms are solely used to inform the customer that they are not added within our formulas which makes them "free of". In the event of any miscommunication, or error in print in which an ingredient "may contain" or is classified under the category of parabens; sulfates; or phthalates; it is the customers responsibility to reflect and refer to the ingredients list provided by Blazing Bombs should there be a concern or allergy and be aware of the ingredients listed. Every ingredient is carefully researched in order to avoid these specific ingredient classifications, but we also cannot guarantee that the ingredients may have been "in contact with" where the ingredients are manufactured and/or stored within a facility outside of Blazing Bombs purchased by manufacturers.

When the consumer/customer uses any products from Blazing Bombs via online or in store, they agree to the terms and conditions listed and published here.