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Whipped Body Butter

NOTICE JUNE 26TH: Please be aware that with the changes in warmer weather, making body butter in the studio has been a challenge. As our formula is made from scratch, the melting of shea butter and coconut oil do not melt and cool the same now that summer has rolled around. With that being said, please take an additional $2.00 off this product as the consistency is not as it should be. The texture does have a slight "grit" feel to it. The "grit" feeling is shea butter (the after affect of it not cooling down the way it normally does in the cooler weather seasons).  The body butter is the EXACT same formula as it always has been but now requires a little more penetration into the skin while these little gritty shea butter bits melt into the skin. Simply rub in a circular motion and the "grit" feeling will dissolve and moisturize the skin. 

I am currently working on other melting and cooling methods to get the body butter back to the same consistency that I am able to achieve in the fall and winter. In the meantime, the jars will be a discounted price until I can figure out another way to make the base though the challenge of defeating warmer weather obstacles.