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We strive to make all products to be 95% + composed of natural food-grade ingredients. While using high quality and ethically sourced ingredients- we also ensure that we use the minimum amount of non-essential ingredients to avoid skin sensitivity issues while maintaining maximum product quality. 

We're all about making your bath experience fun and exciting in safest way we can formulate.

Ontario Made

All of our products are registered and Ontario Made© certified! If you see this logo on products, you'll know you're supporting local & Canadian made.


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Meet the Maker

In a short 5 minute video, learn about how it all started and see the face behind the brand! Typically you can find me covered from head to toe in baking soda rocking a messy bun, so I'm happy to announce that in this video you can see what I look like put together like a regular human. I hope this video brings you as much joy as it was to put this together so you can truly see that as a customer, you are supporting a real person with a family over a large "factory produced product" corporation and I truly appreciate that! -Meg

Announcements + Blog Posts

Wrapping up Online for 2020

03 Nov, 2020

Wrapping up Online for 2020

THANK YOU for your support during this unpredictable year that 2020 has put us all through! I seriously couldn't have made it through without all of you. Thank goodness 2020 is almost over and maybe 2021 will be a better year for all! With that being said, there is an important announcement I need to make here so that you are aware of the last online store restock date + online store closure.
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