The Makers Hub (Oshawa)

How The Pick-Up Process Works at The Makers Hub Oshawa:

  • Please be aware of the order processing times posted in the top banner of our website when you should expect your order to be complete. On average, expect 3-7 business days*.
  • Once your order has been fulfilled at the Blazing Bombs studio, you will receive a notification via e-mail titled "Your Order has been Processed" .
  • This email will include all dates and times for all locations so be sure you read the correct pick up location to find the scheduled date and time frame in which your order will be dropped off.
  • Once the Makers Hub has your order in their system at their location, they (The Makers Hub) will send you an e-mail for Pick-Up. Please wait for their e-mail and instructions before going to this location. *If you have not received an email from them and arrive at the location, your order is not there yet. However, there has been issues with their emailing system in the past. If you have not received an email from The Makers Hub within 24 hours after my email indicates when it will be dropped off, please contact the Makers Hub to ensure your order is there. 

Hub Hours:

Tuesday - Thursday: 10am - 2pm | Friday - Saturday: 2pm - 6pm

Hours are said to extend soon*

Location & Contact Information:

The Makers Hub 

1200 Phillip Murray Ave
Unit #5 Oshawa

Phone Number: 289-830-8482