Abandoned Orders Chosen for Pick-Up

Abandoned Orders Chosen for Pick-Up: Customers have 30 days to pick up their online orders from the time they recieve a notification from Blazing Bombs or The Makers Hub. In the event an order is left for more than 45 days, there may be an attempt to remind the customer by Blazing Bombs (although not obligated to) it is the customers responsibility to ensure to capture their order through the method in which was chosen at checkout. In the event an order has been left at the pick-up location for 60 days or more, the order will be considered abandoned. There have been instances where Blazing Bombs has reached out to customers to remind them regarding their order at a location, the customers have awknowledged the message and orders have still not been retrieved. As a small business, we do our best to send reminders, but we also cannot keep track of every single customer who has/hasnt picked up their order after email notifications have been sent out.

Orders for pick-up is a "paid service" complimentary from Blazing Bombs, and paid to the facility holding orders. Every 30 days, Blazing Bombs is charged a fee to hold each order that has not been retrieved. Please remember that this is a small business, and we kindly ask that orders be retrieved within the 30 days of your initial email as these services are complimentary to you, but paid out of pocket by the maker.

What happens to my order after 60 days and it has not been picked up? Unfortunately, especially when/if attempts have been made to contact, no refunds will be provided from Blazing Bombs. Our products are made in small batches and contain a shelf life of 6-12 months from purchase. The product that was purchased withdrew inventory made by the maker and prevented the sale of another potential customer who may have been interested. After 60 days or more, the shelf life decreases and goes against the standard of every product sold "has a shelf life of 6-12 months".  At this point, the customer would have one of two options:

  1.  Pay for the expense of a shipping label for the same order to be shipped to their home
  2. After 90 days, the order will be donated to a womens shelter if no communications have been made for an extended pick-up at the customers expense OR no communications made between the customer and Blazing Bombs.

If there is an order at the 90 day mark, an email or text message will be made to the customer, and refusal to respond within 5 business days, the order will be donated on behalf of the customer. 

Please know that products were made fresh to order and by leaving them for an extended period of time, orders can be affected by storage conditions. In the event you pick up your order exceeding 30 days (especially in the summertime), Blazing Bombs is not responsible for this as all items packed in orders meet full expectations and standards and are made fresh. No refunds will be given. 

When the customer chooses "pick-up" as their location prefrence to recieve their order, they are held responsible to familiarize themselves with the policies set in place and or monitor to check if any changes to the policy have been updated or changed. In the event the customer is unaware of the method to recieving their order at checkout, it is indicated on their confirmation email the method selected and/or can reach out directly to blazingbombs@outlook.com. Currently, when customers choose to create an account with the Blazing Bombs website, when an order is fulfilled, the "order status" will always indicate "shipped" whether or not local pick up or shipping has been chosen. This is something that cannot be changed on our end through Shopify. If shipping method was chosen, you would have recieved a seperate email with the tracking information as all orders shipped out will have an insured tracking number associated with their order.

Please understand, when you are shopping Blazing Bombs, you are supporting a small handcrafted business and these policies are set in place with the respect to all customers and business in reasonable fairness. Please also understand, we cannot accomodate several months of "complimentary" storage fees as we also cannot accomodate parcel/order storage from our home where our space is limited.- we do not hold onto orders for more than 90 days for this reason.