Pick-Up Location Transition

Pick-Up Location Transition

I would first off, like to thank every single one of you for keeping me busy during these times. As businesses go through some major changes and decision making, I need to also make some changes to better serve you guys! With that being said, I have been experiencing a tremendous volume of orders (more than what I was used to when I've had my online store open in the past). As the only maker, business owner, supply runner, email admin, photographer, website designer, order packer, and the list goes on to my several job titles... I have found it extremely hard to find the time in order to make the products that need to be replenished (and that's a little stressful).

With that being said, I need to make a little change over here so I can focus on making more product and getting your order out to you asap. Offering porch pick up in Newcastle is ideal and convenient for customers within this area, however it is beginning to take a toll on my productivity (inability to make product) and well-being with having the constant need to stay glued to my phone 24/7 to respond to e-mails re:pick-ups.

The Makers Hub recently re-opened their doors to makers and small businesses to deal with the in-behind scenes for orders placed through local businesses. Small changes are never made lightly, but as a one-girl-run business owner I need to make changes for the best in long-term circumstances. For most, this solution was said to work through a poll on my social media, however, I realize for some this may not work but there is always the option for your order to be shipped. Your support is tremendously appreciated and I hope this will be a smooth transition for all going forward. 

Information posted for The Makers Hub can be seen here*

Future Plans:

When shops begin to re-open in the near future within the Durham Region, these will become new pick-up points that can be selected online at checkout through my online store (ie. Dreamday, The Nooks).

There is still a lot of uncertainty for what the future holds for storefronts given our economic decline and closures. While still dedicated to going full force for you guys through my online store, there may be changes with availability at storefront locations in the future. I will have a separate blog/announcement on this as time goes on and more decisions have to be made. (Don't worry though! I am NOT closing Blazing Bombs (Like ever)!) This is regarding storefront locations ONLY.

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thank you for everything you do. Your products are amazing

Amanda VanGoor

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