Kind Reminder for Local Pick-Up Requests ❤️

Kind Reminder for Local Pick-Up Requests ❤️

I truly appreciate the growing love and support Blazing Bombs has been recieving over the years. This is just a kind reminder that the posted pick-up locations indicated online are the only locations I am accomodating. With the steady growth of my online store, I cannot make any further exceptions to what I am currently offering. 

My business is currently running out of my parents home, and being in a small community, it is no longer fair to their privacy as my business continues to grow. In summary. porch pick-up in Newcastle used to be an option in early 2020 but has since discontinued in May 2020. It was a constant battle to accomodate pick-ups during the day and responding to e-mails on a 24/7 basis with the time to physically make product insufficient. The transition to a centeralized pick-up location in Durham Region has been established at The Makers Hub in Whitby where they not only have the space to accomodate an abundance of orders (that I do not at home), an electronic system in place that sends out notifications for all orders dropped off with the convenience of reminder notifications if you've forgotten about your order.

I have to be fair to all customers across the board and cannot make any side accomidations as the locations listed for local pick up are what I offer. I cannot allow some and not others who ask to pick up from my parents home, this wouln't be fair to others and disrupts the flow of how I process orders to go out. Although my studio residents in Newcaslte, my partner and I are also actively seeking our first home which means that this is a very temporary location where I operate business. 

It is definitley a struggle to wear all the hats for all responsibilities as a small business owner and if there is a solution to benefit the business and the customer, I have to make decisions based on my own capacity and time. 

I truly appreciate everyone who continues to support my business through the transitons that have been made and I am more than happy to continue offering FREE local pick up options for those who are local to the Durham Region, GTA and Northumberland area at The Makers Hub Whitby and The Nooks Port Hope (when we are not in COVID locakdown) in addition to offering a reduced $9 Flat Rate Shipping Fee for all people of Ontario. 

Thank you so much for your support and understanding ❤️

- Meg

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