Change in Shipping Courier

Change in Shipping Courier

For those of you who select Shipping as your method to receive your online order this note is for YOU!
When I re-opened my online store at the beginning stages of COVID I was using Canada Post as the courier. Most of you know or heard how backed up they were with deliveries when they reduced staffing. During this time I wanted to test out and find a faster way to get your order to you asap while the rest of the world finds a way to operate the "new normal".
I changed shipping methods from Canada Post to Swift Post June 30th and have made the decision to go back with Canada Post. I have taken your feedback into consideration when I did a poll over my stories about a week or two back and the results were are as follows:
Canada Post - 29
Swift Post - 22
Doesn't Matter which Courier - 35
I know that the service may have been faster for some over others; however on the back-end I was experiencing a bit more work and a few issues I didn't have when I was working with CP. The customer service for Swift Post is great, but I find myself talking to a representative a couple times per week; there is manual entry when it comes to every shipping label; some technical issues; unknown parcel pick-up times; and I've had issues with products melting in transit. - All things I do not experience with CP... for these reasons, I have decided to change back to their services. I know Swift Post is great for other small businesses, but I think for my business specifically, Canada Post is what is most beneficial to you and myself.
I have opened up 3 shipping speed options for Canada Post, I'll be talking with a CP sales representative early next week to try and get rates reduced for you guys and see what my business would "qualify" for. - Usually it's not by much unfortunately but every little bit helps!
I hope you guys understand the reasonings and thank you for testing out a new courier for those who have these past 8 ish weeks. I know that with the gathering limits increased, more staff able to go back to work and businesses adapting to the "new norm" shipping times should not be an issue (or at least how they were back in late March).
Thank you everyone for your continued support. Your love for my products are forever cherished and appreciated :) 
All orders placed after August 21st 10pm onward will be shipped via Canada Post. 
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