COVID-19 Business Compliance/Procedures

COVID-19 Business Compliance/Procedures

Hey friends! (Meg here, maker of Blazing Bombs);

I am jumping on here to provide you with full transparency regarding all things business and COVID-19 related. I think that it's absolutely important to share with you what I am doing over here on my end for you & me! Every single day there is new changes and news mandated by the government of Ontario in regards to health, safety, and business. Right now, the world is going through a scary time and small businesses are suffering to pull through. I want to ensure you, that while I am still operating- all and every extra precautionary measures are set in place to keep you safe and myself safe. Below I have outlined a few things to assure you that I am following protocol and taking this situation as seriously as everyone should be.

How Orders are Placed: There is no physical shopping of any products at this time. All orders are placed online only*. 

No-Contact Porch Pick-Ups: (with new changes taken place today, I clarified this information personally with the Government of Ontario April 3rd, 2020 via direct phone call)- With several cuts and changes to "essential and non-essential" businesses, pick-ups are allowed for small businesses as long as there is no person to person contact and in compliance with the mandated rules. This means a few things for you to know if you like to receive your order this way so here's the breakdown:

  • Pick-up details & arrangements are made via e-mail after your order is placed online and this option was chosen. (See this option under "Shipping Method" on the checkout page). 
  • There is a non-lidded black bin located on the front porch with bags clearly marked and labelled with your order number, first and last name. You will not need to touch a lid (or worry about touching a lid to get your order) and you will be able to visually see your order information without hesitation. 
  • Your order will not go into the pick-up bin until 30 minutes prior to the time frame arranged.
  • If by chance, I have made a mistake on my end and forgot to put your order out, please do not ring the door bell or knock on the door. *The door will not be answered. Simply go back into your car, reply to your order email where we have been communicating through and I will respond promptly. I will then come out with your order and place it in the bin, once I am back inside my house, you may then proceed to retrieve your order to remain in compliance with set rules of the government. 

*Sources used for this above information & confirmation received from the website and direct phone call to the helpline provided from the website.

Shipping: While maintaining physical distance, I arrange for Canada Post to come to my home to pick up parcels - limiting my exposure at the pharmacy to drop these off. It will be normal for you to see your order either delayed from Canada Post or have limited information displayed on tracking (this means, I have printed your shipping label, but it's in que for the next day or two for when CP comes to pick up from my home or the odd time where I do a drop off myself). 

Studio Space + Product Making: I have a designated in-home studio which is sanitized before and after each product is made. All required PPE is always worn at all times (this includes gloves and mask). In between product making, hands are washed with soap and gloves are reapplied. There is never any physical hand contact with products during the making or packaging*. Before and after orders are put together/arranged hands are washed thoroughly* and hands are then again washed prior to any bags/boxes going out into the bin for pick-up or out the door for Canada Post.

Self-Isolation: As mandated by the government, I am staying home as much as much as possible. I try and limit to going out for supplies to once every 1-2 weeks and remain home. Any "out-of-car" public experiences, I sanitize my hands, and interior of my car for each and every single time in/out, and shower immediately once I arrive home. (Maybe TMI, but sharing my precautionary measures).

I am truly grateful for all of your support and keeping up to date with all standards set by the Government of Ontario while being able to keep Blazing Bombs available in the best way possible for your safety and convenience. 


Retail Shops: Please note that all physical retail shops remain closed until further notice. You can follow their social media to stay up to date on what they're up to/doing for the maker community. Follow @thenookscanada and @marketsbydreamday on Instagram. They also have Facebook pages too!

Markets/Events/Shows/ Pop-Ups: Please note that ALL scheduled festivals, markets, events, pop-ups etc are all currently cancelled up until the end of June 2020. The OOAK Toronto Spring Show is officially no longer happening this year but I will be attending next Spring 2021. *sad, but definitely necessary.


Screenshots from the website pulled April 3rd, 2020:

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Well done Megs!! Very professional!
So important for your clients to know that their safety is paramount!!


Well done Megs!! Very professional!
So important for your clients to know that their safety is paramount!!


Wow Meg, this is truly impressive ‼️
Kudos to you 💕for your exemplary research and dedication to keeping everyone safe 🤗


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