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Texture Recall

Regarding 4oz Whipped Body Butters from Duo/Trio Packs (only) Sold from October 1st-19th 2020 (Online/The Nooks Oshawa Centre)

Some of the (4oz) Whipped Body Butters in the Duo/Trio Gift Packs that were sold during the time frame of October 1st-19th 2020 have not met the texture standard here in the Blazing Bombs Studio. It is with the upmost and sincere apologies that I express as an individual businesses owner that this has happened. 

Although the product remains 100% the same, (ie. same ingredients, same sanitization procedures during the process, same formula, etc) Some of the Whipped Body Butters that were sold may have a fine "grit" texture, and some may have a thinner texture to the "normal" thicker whipped feeling.

The product is still 100% safe to use on your skin, however, the texture is not what I strive for. Unfortunately, during transitions and changes in temperature (usually when one season changes from one to the other); it can have an impact on how a batch turns out. The "grit" texture occurs when Shea Butter is heated either too high or doesn't cool down quick enough. Because there are other ingredients in my formula, it impacted the texture of the overall product. 

It was unfortunate that I found out about this too late before sale of these products and I strive to have the best customer satisfaction I can ever give. I truly appreciate the love and support from everyone, and this is the first time I have ever had to do this in my 5 years of business so I am extremely hurt that I have failed to provide a product that was 100%. I am only human, mistakes can be made, and I have since, during this time established a new way to produce this product without any further or future effects on my batches for Whipped Body Butter. I truly express my apologies, and offering those who have any issues to please come forward and choose one of the following options for me to provide:

  • $12.00 Online Store Shop Credit, or;
  • 4oz Whipped Body Butter Replacement

 Again, I truly apologize and sincerely appreciate your support in my small business. I want to ensure that all my customers are more than happy with their purchases.