Halloween Themed Products

Please note, I have been receiving lots of e-mails in regards to my Halloween themed products advertised for Applefest. About 80% of ALL my Halloween inventory was sold at Bowmanville Applefest and the remainder can be purchased at The Nooks (store front location in Port Hope). I now have to make room for all my Christmas inventory for both the online and store font locations.

Thank you everyone for your understanding! I am one chick behind the biz and I'm doing my best to post availability of all my products on social media and make as much as I can with my set of hands. 

The following items are still available at the Nooks (Updated: Oct 17, 2018)

  • Eye Ball Bath Bombs (Change Colour)
  • Jack Skellington Bath Bombs (Changes Colour)
  • Black Magic Bath Bombs
  • Ghost Bath Bombs (Changes Colour)
  • Candy Corn Bath Bombs (*** EXTREMELY LOW)

Nook Store Hours: Tues-Sun 11-6 (Closed Mondays)

94 Walton Street, Port Hope



(This was not available at Applefest or part of the Halloween line, but this bath bomb can be purchased at The Nooks in Port Hope --- This is not available online due to the amount of time these take to make, but if your in the shop looking for halloween themed, you may want to put this on your wish list!)




Please note, at Applefest and any other festivals, shows or events, I offer exclusive sales at events.These sales are only extended if otherwise listed.When purchasing online or in-store, regular prices are to be expected with corresponding regular sale prices.

In shop and online Bath Bombs are $6ea or purchase 4 or more at only $5ea. Prices are marked on each product in store at The Nooks.