Handmade Bath & Body Products. 

Vegan Friendly and Animal-Cruelty Free. 

Newcastle, ON. Canada

Disclaimer Information

Approx 95% of the products available for purchase are vegan friendly and have been purchased from suppliers who obtain certified vegan credentials. Products are animal-cruelty-free and not tested on animals. All bath bombs are hand pressed, handled with care and made fresh to order. 

Please note, what is available on the site may differ than what is available at vendor shows or events. What is listed on the site is what is available for purchase at any given time. However, if there are items posted on media that is not published on the website, Blazing Bombs reserves the right to promote and sell specialty items customized to different events. You are encouraged to contact blazing bombs if you are unable to attend an event and see a specialty item you would like to purchase so this can be reserved for you on your next/current order. Please also note that limited quantities are made and it is best for you to contact the day of the event so you don't miss out on a specialty item/sale.

Prices may vary from website & vendor shows/events. Sale prices have expiry dates, orders must meet the required date in order to be eligible for the sale price.

Bath bomb ingredients do not contain SLS/SLSA, and are in fact made up of 95-100% natural ingredients. 

All bath bomb products are carefully hand made and may have come in contact with coconut or red dye. It is important to read the list of ingredients prior to use if any sensitivities and contact Blazing Bombs for any questions regarding the ingredients. If you have an allergy associated with any of the listed ingredients, do not use. Some of the listed ingredients may have been manufactured in a facility that also processes peanuts; tree nuts; fish; shellfish; milk; egg; soy; and wheat ingredients. If you are unsure if you are allergic or have a sensitivity to any of the listed ingredients, please consult your physician prior to use. If in the event you or any customer experiencing symptoms of an allergic reaction (includes: shortness of breath, rash, itch, etc) during any contact or use of a Balzing Bomb product, seek medical attention immediately. In the rare case this may happen, Blazing Bombs is not responsible for any damage or staining that may be done to customer bath tub, furniture, or appliances (Suggest to use white vinegar or household bathroom cleaning products to remove any colourant residue). With the use of these products, they may cause floors and surfaces slippery, please use with caution as you may slip and fall resulting in a potential injury.This product is strictly for external use and is not to be ingested. In the event that ingestion should accidentally occur, please contact poison control (Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222) and seek medical attention immediately. Some products may contain a small object which may be hazardous as it can become a choking hazard. It is up to the customer to read carefully as to what their bath product contains as small object must be found prior to drainage of customers bath tub. By not doing so, small object may clog drain and Blazing Bombs is not responsible for this. Any customers with light hair colour should be cautious using any of the bath products, as there have been reports with other companies selling similar products, that colour may stain light-fair hair colour. 

Revised: Oct 2016